Monthly Classes

I offer monthly online classes through Zoom, alternating between Your Birth > Your Way (Intro to Childbirth) and Yes, You CAN Breastfeed (Breastfeeding 101). You can find the next scheduled class and get registered HERE (just look for the registration link in the specific Facebook event).

Intro to Birth

Birth is one of the most profound experiences in a mother’s/couple’s life. You deserve to know how to make it wonderful. The way to achieve your goals is to be prepared and educated. You and your baby are worth the effort!

Breastfeeding 101

Being educated and prepared to get off to a great start will help set you up for the best breastfeeding experience. The early minutes, hours, and days following your baby’s birth are important and can make a big difference in your ability to reach your goals.

Join me as we talk through real, practical steps you can take.

Let me help you prepare to welcome your baby.