Childbirth Educator Certification, Here I Come!!

I am SO excited!!

Last month I had the pleasure to attend my CBE certification training with Vonda Gates, of Birth Basics in Rapid City, SD. What an awesome experience!!

I decided awhile back that I wanted to pursue my CBE certification, and since I did my doula training with Vonda, it totally made sense to me to go to her ICEA CBE class as well. I am SO glad I did! Originally I was going to host a workshop, and we had several people sign up for it…it was going to be in a lovely B&B in Platte, SD (Molly’s Manor, in case you are looking for a great B&B!). Unfortunately, at the last minute everyone else cancelled :(. On to other options, because I definitely wasn’t cancelling, and wanted to move forward with my training and this new chapter in my career, but it didn’t make sense for just two of us to take up the whole B&B, pay for rooms, etc, just for me.

Vonda is the chair of the CBE program on the ICEA board, so I was even more blessed because of that. She said the board had been talking about doing an online training, but they hadn’t figured out schematics, etc. So, we decided that I would get to be the guinea pig – woot! I totally dig that kind of thing 🙂

So, throughout the month of July, Vonda and I spent sixteen hours talking online via Skype  and I got my contact hours for my initial certification program.

I am SO pumped to move forward with developing my curriculum and getting a class going in the area! I’m playing around with several different ideas, and I guess we’ll just see where the Lord leads me….either way, I know I’m following His will for my life by helping women and their partners understand how He designed them perfectly to give birth!

Ah……..I love my job.